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Re: Rom cooking question

Originally Posted by patheticpuma View Post
hey everyone i am hoping i can get some help with this. I have been toying around with diamond/touch pro2 kitchens for a while and have what i feel are some pretty nice, stable roms. I intend on releasing them since after my newest tweaks i am no longer considering them beta. One thing I am having trouble with is how do i cook my own custom welcomhead.192.png into the rom? I have been searching to no avail. All help is appreciated.
All you have to do is make an OEM EXT package for the welcomehead.192.png

What I just do with it is I drop the welcomehead.192.png into my personal OEM package that I made for myself which includes all of my personal reg tweaks, provision files, and other misc files.

Btw which kitchen are you using?

Originally Posted by creedo View Post
I gotta be honest, never cooked a rom. But I can google pretty good :P This looks like what you're looking for, but if not... my bad.
That link isn't for incorporating welcomehead.192.png into a ROM. Thats instructions for the 1st splash screen you'd see when starting a device, which by the way can be flashed separatly from your main ROM.

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