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Re: how to use my Verizon Imagio in Switzerland/Germany?

As an alternative you can just use the GSM Vodafone card that is already in your Imagio, it should work with no problem in Germany and Switzerland, just make sure your phone is set to Global. This way you can avoid having to buy a prepaid SIM card (why pay for minutes you may not use). You may still want to call Verizon to let them know you'll be traveling. The phone charges you'll accrue probably won't be that much. I was in Italy for a couple of weeks last fall and barely noticed any difference in my bill. If you want to use data then tell Verizon, they can set up your account to turn on global data service (this is a separate service than the basic phone service) the day you arrive and turn it back off the day you leave. If you are only there for a week it's not that much money (it's about $20/month) and it will allow you to access the web, get your email, and get the local weather information - well worth the extra couple of bucks.
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