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Re: Any TP2 Converts Here?

I think windows mobile is in trouble already. If you look at the leaks of what Verizon has due out in 2011 I can not find one that has Windows mobile on it. I remember telling someone when Andriod came out that I was not sure if it would last so I am sticking with something that will WinMo. Ok so I missed on that one. I have had my X for 3 weeks now and love it. It does so much more and since I loaded the 2.2 leak a week and a half ago I think I am on my X more than my PC at home. My old TP2 would get me through the day or when I was out, but when I could use my laptop I would, now it is the other way, if I can use my X I do and only thinks I can't do on my X, which are few, I do on my PC.
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