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Unhappy ipod touch 3g 64gb jailbreak

so i got a new 64gb 3g ipod running 3.1.1 out of the box but i cant find a jailbreak for that. Blackra1n wont work for some reason and my itunes keeps wanting to upgrade to 4.0.2. like i said its brand new so i dont have any blobs saved or anything. im kinda desperate here guys, ive been jailbroken my whole ipod life 4.0.2 isnt even an option from what ive heard since devs are waiting on 4.1 for a new jailbreak, no ones wasting their time for now. I NEED HELP! thanks in advance for any advice/ideas you guys might have

edit.. nvm guys...i just accidentally updated to 4.0.2 :/ time for the waiting game