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what about these chinese Apad, irobot tablets?

Apad, Irobot Android mobile tablet w/ wifi and 3G.
I am not keen on android, but these touch tablet things are getting cheaper on ebay, and now india says they will sell one for $30 next year.

the seller in china says the device supports WM 6.1

it has a Rockchip or an ARM cpu... ARM is slower, but does WM run on a Rockchip? who knows?

has anyone tried flashing one of these to WM 6x yet?

if I can scrape it together I will buy one of these, but I dont know enough about 'em yet. I figure the Phone 7 will have some cool new features that would make this larger screen device kick butt over an ipad.

I won't post any URL, its not allowed, but you can see them on ebay from many sellers.

some specs:

7'' Android market tablet Rockchip dual core camera

600MHz CPU+500M DSP/android
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