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Lil timmy's first clock cab.

This isn't really a big enough deal to call a theme. More of a test. My first attempt at making a wm cab. It's meant to work with a phone that has Cookie Home Tab installed. It modifies manila 2.5 files running on wm 6.5.

This cab:

- Installs a wallpaper called "Vitrex".

- Changes the flipclock to a custom one I made to match the wallpaper.

- Removes the AM/PM icons.

Maybe if someone has a different rom or even a different phone, they can tell me if it works ok.
Sorry if I brick anything. I did say it was my first cab, right? But I don't think this will cause any problems.

The wallpaper is put into My Documents/My Wallpapers. The cab changes a registry entry to make it the default portrait wallpaper for cookie home tab. If you don't have CHT installed, probably you just get a junk registry entry that is harmless... and you'll have to manually set the wallpaper. Hoping someone is willing to verify that.

I was thinking of making at least some more clocks but I find that clocks look best when matched up to wallpaper. So I'd probably end up making clock/wallpaper combos.

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