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Re: Sprint/Asureon wouldn't upgrade my Touch Pro -> Touch Pro 2

Again.. to echo what the gents are saying.. Dont do it.. especially since you said 200 AND a rebate.. which entails 200+..Youll find many a TP2 on Craigslist, ebay.. any sales avenue you can think of really.. even this site.

Dont do it.

Also, if you want to pay 200+ for a phone. .why not score an EVO or Epic, then use Connectbot as the SSH client.. MUCH faster devices, built on a much more reliable platform.

but if you want to stay w/Winmo.. checkout:

Token2Shell instead of PocketPutty. Features an onscreen keyboard(Tab, Esc, PgUp/Down, Ctr, Alt and all Fx keys included).
Also has built-in SSH file browser amongst other things.

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