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Re: iphone 4 Questions ;)

Originally Posted by CaliBoyPhillip View Post
I'm considering now leaving Sprint and my Android love because I want a simple to use device that works out the box =P! I want to know a few things though for those that have an Iphone 4, does it lag? how good does the skype application work based on skype to skype call since it dails out via 3g now which is good! Lastly... are you happy with it regardless of this whole signal loss issues etc? feel free to give me your review on it.

Does it lag? No. Skype? Never used it myself. Signal loss? I don't really have an issue with that. I do live in an area that has great AT&T coverage. That is the first thing you should check out before making a switch. Ask around where you work and live and see how good the coverage is there for AT&T. Other than that, great phone. I personally made the switch to AT&T from Sprint and other than the cost difference, I have been very happy with AT&T and the iphone 4.
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