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Re: Com5 where are you?

Originally Posted by yearn View Post
Iv watched a few videos on the Fathom. I really wasnt to impressed with the theme but it seemed to work pretty good and really fast.
I dont know a single person personally that has it and Iv never seen it in a VZW store.
I think all the droids have overshadowed WM completly.
Originally Posted by da_reeseboy View Post
I just got one a week ago - it is 6.5.x... 6.5.3 I believe. Running 23103. On a side note, when did they get the WMP controls functioning on the lock screen?

BTW - I love how fluid it is. This snapdragon processor rocks!
First i'll mention this stuff before having to read the rest that I figured out GPS: GPS on LG Fathom? while spending a long time how to customize and config the phone, i'm still looking for how to disable startup sound (besides muting before restart), threaded messaging, reduce height of menu buttons and email list item height, shift over titlebar icons and text so it can show the full date and time (i have it set to show both), show day of week on lock screen, maybe just a better email client

Anyways yeah lg pretty much just left winmo 6.5.3 bare on it. Although it's a bit time consuming, i'd rather just take the snapdragon and customize my own shell or something than to have it come with a suboptimal cpu. That 1ghz cpu is what windows mobile needed to be nice again.

As a result from all my experiences, I'm glad I know I'll be satisfied with this phone solely because of the processor. I actually didn't even know the phone existed until about last week I went to the Verizon store to look at phone upgrades and in the service half of the store away from where all the other phone displays are there was the lg fathom kind of stuffed away in the corner. I saw that it was windows mobile and thought it would just be slow and unresponsive like most are. But just for kicks I decided to use it anyways and Wow I'm glad I did. Everything was amazingly smooth and responsive. I've simply never seen winmo fly through everything instantaneously before. So I decided on getting it.

Though my decision was also helped by the fact that I found the LG fathom being sold by Amazon Wireless for $0.01 as a penny phone. The only other contender available was the Motorola Droid at $0.01. It would have otherwise been hard to justify $150 at VZW for a phone with practically all the same features as the tp2 (except ultra super fast processor) when there's the palm pre, droid x, incredible, and buy one get one free droid(for another member of the family) for the same price.

This phone would only really appeal to a select few - those power users(like us!) comfortable with winmo already being able to customize and use all the well developed software suites, and perhaps a few business users. But really when has winmo appealed to any other users, most probably don't even know it exists, or if they did, they'd hear that it's bad, unfortunately. So with just some advertising and controlled development android has pooled up the remaining users.

Timing was a little bad on this release, I would have loved to have had this 2 years ago so I didn't have to be frustrated with this TP2, don't get me wrong, it has nice hardware, but that qualcomm's msm7x00 was too slow(and even when i overclocked it to 768mhz, barely any improvement). I found it ridiculous that my xv6700 outperforms it in responsiveness(granted i could overclock the xscale to 600mhz, ram to 150mhz, bus to 300mhz with the ram and the bus speeds helping a whole lot), but even still the xv6600 running winmo 2003 was pretty much the fastest (probably due to it running in ram). I thought that speeds could only get better from then, but all the devices dominated by qualcomms fail SoC in the next 5 years were just slower, much slower. So I've been frustrated with winmo up to this point in it's lack of responsiveness, which could be the software fault or the hardware's fault. In those past years I just said to myself until phones become 1 ghz windows mobile will be too slow too use(basing on scaling from what i saw with the 600mhz xscale, of course there's more factors going into a processor than just speed) 5 years later I now have a fast enough phone

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