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Post One Help Please !!

Sorry if I posted in place wrong.But not found out about my mistake?

I'm starting to cook for WM6.5.

Excuse my intrusion here, but I can count on your help and I'm afraid to brika either restart my PC:

Problem: every time I create a new build is giving this error: platformrebuilder errorlevel: -1073740777

Welcome to Visual vis.tang produced kitchen, MSN: vis.tang @ Mail:
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PLATFORMREBUILDER Copyright (c) 2008-2009 EPCG Feb 15 2009 22:53:49

Building is old kernel!
Build: Lite
Locale: 0416

Preparing release structure ...

Error: 0x8000000B
Failed to delete 'temp' directory!

ERROR! platformrebuilder (errorlevel: 1)
Press any key to continue. . .

ERROR! CreateROM (errorlevel: 1)
Press any key to continue. . .

ERROR! NB 2 NBH (errorlevel: 1)
Press any key to continue. . .


and my CreateROM.bat :

@echo off
echo Copying OS.nb to temp...
copy ..\ROM\OS.nb OS.nb
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" goto error
..\TOOLS\osnbtool -ap xip.bin 6 -y
..\TOOLS\osnbtool -c os.nb 1 xip.bin
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" goto error
move os.nb
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" goto error
copy ..\ROM\imgfs.bin imgfs.bin
..\TOOLS\HexTool.exe imgfs.bin 44 4 4C5A5800
..\Tools\ImgfsFromDump imgfs.bin imgfs-new.bin
..\Tools\osnbtool -c os.nb 2 imgfs-new.bin
..\Tools\osnbtool.exe -extra os.nb.NEW -> Dump0.txt
..\Tools\osnbtool -2bin os.nb.NEW.EXA -> Dump1.txt
Move os.nb.NEW.EXA.bin New.bin
exit 0
echo ERROR! (errorlevel: %errorlevel%)
exit 1

Where am I wrong or what is missing to solve this problem?

Thanks so much buddy.