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Re: OverClock for TP2

Originally Posted by bteljuice View Post
Thanks and Thanked on both

I am not quite sure about tethering. But regarding the phone, some new scripts are being written by CLS_, buru, JPC and NR in order to make it more stable and SOD proof.

I just followed the above procedure by Buru and worked like a charm.
Don't forget to set the program msm7kautocpuspeed.exe to a softkey, that way with one press it re-OC after standby (one of the issues adressed and being fixed hopefully).

I set it to my Softkey Start meny since I dont use it, I have my hard key.
sounds good. I never use the softkey for the start menu either. I mean since my ROM is running 6.5.5 I could (after all it is right there on the bottom corner of the screen), however, I have always just felt like I don't like that button (lol, I know, thats random). I prefer to use the hardkeys.

Thanks again for the 411, I already downloaded it, so I will throw it on my Rhodium as soon as I am done working on some stuff with my ROM (gotta love doing the fine tuning, lol).
Phone: hTc Evo 4g LTE
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