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Re: OverClock for TP2

Originally Posted by jamio88 View Post
well in that case, screw it. I am gonna download it right now and see whats what about it...however if my phone melts, I will send you the bill (just kidding)

I just wish we could get a stable OC that would let us run it 24/7 if we felt the want (I mean without it being plugged in of course).

So once again thanks for being the middle man (middle men are important people too, so don't cut yourself short buddy). I also gave you thanks on the second post, just because the first post is so important.

EDIT - By the way, with this overclocking will I be able to have faster (silent) tethering? I find that my phone (while super fast on day to day use) tethers kind of slow (granted I am setup in a basement, which I am sure does not help matters any). However, it would be really cool if I could get some faster Internet action going on via USB Tether
Thanks and Thanked on both

I am not quite sure about tethering. But regarding the phone, some new scripts are being written by CLS_, buru, JPC and NR in order to make it more stable and SOD proof.

I just followed the above procedure by Buru and worked like a charm.
Don't forget to set the program msm7kautocpuspeed.exe to a softkey, that way with one press it re-OC after standby (one of the issues adressed and being fixed hopefully).

I set it to my Softkey Start meny since I dont use it, I have my hard key.
If I was able to help you, please me
OverClocked to 748 MHz
OC your TP2:

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