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OverClock for TP2 ~ 9/6/10 NEW UPDATES! For all ROMS ~ MAXX Battery Tweak

Hey guys, are your ready. SPECIAL PROCEDURE for us Rhodium users and it works. For those who ask, YES THERE IS A NOTICEABLE CHANGE.


Special Thanks to NetRipper for all his hard work in creating this beautiful program that made our new phones more Powerful. Buru98 for the Step By step procedure and The scripts were a group effort (JPC, RoboWang, cmd512, Nayr1482, etc...)

So the guys at XDA made a huge improvement regarding scripts. Mine increased from 710 to 768 without SOD .


Archive files

Overclock TP2 in WM?


This is not an update but since OC increases battery consumption, here's a cab that our good friend MAXX came out with. The cab is a combination of registry tweaks. Follow the link to get better Battery. ( Don't forget to Thank his post)

|ROM|`..- Energy -.. * |July 4| 21916|29022 * Sense 2021 + flavors


For People who are having issues with SOD when using OCT + Nitrogen w/ Screen Off. Follow the below link from Nayr. (Don't forget to thank)


For all you lucky people who can OC at high frequencies, Nayr added values up to 902mhz in his updated v4.21.
OverClock for TP2 ~ 9/6/10 NEW UPDATES! For all ROMS ~ MAXX Battery Tweak


Nayr takes the time and cabs up his next release to make everyone's life easier. A big applause to him =D> Don't forget to thank him.

Overclock TP2 in WM?

READ THE README. It will make your life easier (and Nayr's hahaha)


Nayr comes back with an updated V4.2 for Android users (also applies for Sense users).

Updated to v4.2, which adds "STOCKSPEED" (528mhz) as a Safe Mode Speed option. This will allow you to boot into windows at 528mhz for however long you want (longest value in the script is 5 minutes...can add longer values if needed) so that you can boot into Android.

Overclock TP2 in WM?


Overclock TP2 in WM?

Thanks Again Nayr.

Modified new 4.1.
Nayr's Quote:

"This basically gives you a window of time at boot - where if you had put a Boost Speed that was too high and caused your phone to crash, you can get into boot, open the GUI and reduce your boost speed"

follow this here


Thanks to Nayr, New script and GUI, follow this Overclock TP2 in WM?

*Note if you are using OC_Auto3 - there are no "real" differences from 3 to 4 other than adding the GUI so if you are all done tweaking your speeds etc...dont bother updating!

Don't forget to thank his post


While waiting for version 3 of this app, oruam57 made a little app that automatically scales down when the screen is off and overclocks again when exiting standby, effectively preventing SOD.
After LeoCpuSpeed to overclock the HD2, I've been working on overclocking the MSM7k SoC on the Raphael, with success. The same processor is present on the Diamond, Rhodium and the Topaz, so it should work on all of these devices. I've been able to underclock to 57MHz and overclock up to 710MHz, using small 19.2MHz steps. It can clock even further, but it depends on the quality of the processor in your device where the limit for you lies.

Supported devices
- Raphael
- Diamond
- Rhodium (check out this post for a nice guide)
- Topaz
- Blackstone
- Whitestone
- More?

- The CPU speed is calculated from the actual clock registers, not via some dll or shady method.
- CPU speed is updated every 250ms (I haven't seen it auto-scale to other frequencies yet, but kept this feature from LeoCpuSpeed).
- A small dot blinks on each update so that you can see if your device hangs or not.
- Under- or overclock by moving the slider
- Automatically apply setting at boot

Notes on overclocking
2) Only works while connected to AC power (depending on device)
3) The "604MHz" OC frequency is a special one. Only with this frequency set, you can remove AC power without having a lockup. So: after you overclock and want to remove your USB cable, set it to 604MHz first! You'll see it go back to the default 528MHz a second after you remove the cable. That's something the device does, not my app.
4) Overclocking while on battery gives insta-hang (for me). It seems this depends on the device.
5) Use "Apply at boot" wisely! If you use a setting that is unstable, your device may not boot up anymore! You'd need a hard-reset (factory settings).

When using TCPMP to benchmark the overclock, be aware that this tool overclocks the CPU, not the GPU.

I have not done any tests regarding battery life. The voltage to the processor is the same as when it is on 528MHz. It seems it cannot be increased. However, more speed will result in more heat, which means energy from your battery.
(And before you ask, I haven't performed any temperature tests either).


- Enabled apply at boot option (Choose wisely, if your device hangs on boot, you'll need a hard reset)
- Fix app crash (trackbar exception) when going into standby
- Increased max freq to 902.4MHz for those fortunate enough
- SoD/hang on battery/etc not fixed yet

- Initial release

Known issues
Q: My device hangs when unplugging from AC power
A: Read the overclock notes.

Q: When on battery and I press the "604MHz" button, it shows 604MHz for a brief second, and then goes back to "528MHz".
A: Some driver, module, or whatever in Windows Mobile enforces CPU speed every second, overriding the overclock. This is a known issue.

Q: My device hangs after standby (Sleep Of Death)
A: This is a known problem. Until fixed, only solution is to clock to "604" (the special frequency) before putting your phone away.

Q: Msm7kCpuSpeed crashes. When it does, and I click "details", it says something about System.Windows.Forms.Trackbar.set_Value.
A: This is a known problem. The app calculates frequency every 250ms. When the device goes into standby, there's a small window where the CPU is set to 19.2MHz, but my app isn't put to sleep by Windows Mobile yet. When in this small window, it calculates the frequency and updates the app, it crashes. This is because the lowest frequency in my app is 57.6MHz, and it can't find 19.2MHz (or 38MHz). Fixed in v2.

Thanks to phhusson and bzo for their overclock in the Linux kernel for MSM7k devices, where I could lend some code from.
And thanks to BASSMANBOB for letting me know such a tool is in demand.


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If I was able to help you, please me
OverClocked to 748 MHz
OC your TP2:

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