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Re: Any TP2 Converts Here?

Originally Posted by Mr_Alexander View Post
I've been a WM fan for about 4 years going back to my first WM smartphone: the Moto Q. Have grown with WM from 5.0 to 6.5.3 and have really enjoyed myself. My final WM PPC will be the best one (w/keyboard) that ever came out...the HTC TP2.

With my first Android phone, fittingly also from Motorola, I must, as these other users above me, bid farewell to my TP2. I'm having too much fun with my Droid X. Even though I had the unfortunate occurrence of a screen issue & had to order a replacement. The speed, screen size & overall feel of the phone are just...Nice.

I will indeed miss my TP2 & WM in general. I'd become hooked on tweaking & flashing to bring out the best in my device(s). The TP2 was the best WM phone I've ever had and I'm REALLY gonna miss that keyboard as I used it ALOT. Hell, I remember thinking how big its screen was when I first unboxed it!
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