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Re: Must Have DroidX Applications

Haha Same here, I've been with WM since WM2003, so almost 6 years now

1) Advanced Task Killer (Free)
Allows you to easily view, switch between, and kill background apps to free up memory and save battery.

2) DroidLight Flashlight (Free)
Uses the Camera Flash as a flashlight

3) Epocrated (Free)
Great for med students, doctors, and pharmacists. Has searchable drugs, pill pictures, interactions, symptoms, dosage, etc.

4) eWallet (Free trial, costs $20 I believe, but they let you use it on your PC, WM, iPhone, RIM, and Android)
256-bit encryption so you can store your credit cards, passwords, other cards and info. Very user-friendly and nice graphical interface.
The only downside is that the version for Android is just a viewer, so you will have to edit your info on your PC then transfer it. They are working on a full version for Android...

5) If you cant get ewallet, then B-Folders is good too:
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