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Re: Must Have DroidX Applications

we have a lot in common, i too dropped my tp2 for the Droid X (my 1st android phone) and i am absolutely loving it. Seems like everything is just snappy and works. These may not be the best apps out there but its ones that i got so far to fit my needs

1. Digital Clock widget (for my homescreen...i am just use to seeing the time at all time)
2. Convertpad
3. Google earth (very cool to actually have on a phone)
4. Google sky
5. Where is my droid (app that allows you to txt you phone using another device if its lost and on silent. The txt will chnage it too full ringer volume and let it ring so u can find your phone)
6. Retro Radio (allows me to listen to any shoutcast station)
7. Compass (just cause its got the magnetic thing)
8. Shopsavvy
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