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Re: Advise me on Imagio buying plz!

I think you need to ask yourself the following questions: 1) Do you need to stay with Verizon or can you jump to another carrier? 2) Do you need/want to use a winmo phone? 3) Do you need global coverage? If the answer is yes to these questions then your options are limited to the Imagio or another TP2. If you answered no to those questions then you have a lot of options. I personally have enjoyed my Imagio, I think the custom ROMs are great but not necessary. I wish it had more program memory since HTC's Sense UI uses a lot of system resources. I haven't had a problem with battery life but others have. From what I've heard the Imagio has better battery life than the TP2, so if you were getting 2 days use from your TP2 then I would think you would get the same amount from the Imagio. If you don't need global coverage and are willing to try another operating system then I would suggest an Android phone.
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