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Bell Mobility APN MMS 3G Hspa Settings Arcsoft

Im using a tilt 2 and was looking all over for internet and mms settings for bell mobility hspa but had no luck so i started trying things and finally got internet and mms to work with arcsoft. here is the original post

Took about a day to figure it out but i have got internet and mms arcsoft to work on bells 3g hspa network. Please note in canada bells 3g network name is 302880 or Bell@ or something like that and your phone will say its roaming but really isnt if you have a bell sim.

here is the settings i used

go to start then settings then all settings connections then connections. tap advance then select networks.

at top list tap edit then tap general
Change name to: Bell
tap modem then edit if one is there or new if nothing there.
Name: Bell
modem: Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G) ,tap next
APN: ,tap next
username and password and domain are blank, tap finish then ok

this should bring you to the first edit screen. under the private network tap edit.
tap general and change name to: Bell MMS , tap modem
tap edit or new
Enter name:Bell MMS
Select Modem: Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G), tap next
APN: , tap next
username password are left blank, tap finish then ok

now exit everything and go to text messages tap all messages then tap menu and MMS Options.
set retrieval mode to Auto then tap servers.
now tap new or if there is a server in list tap one with red arrow.
here is settings
Server Name: Bell MMS
Port Number:80
Server Address:
Connect Via: Bell MMS
Wap Version: WAP 2.0

tap done and test.

Here are quick settings in list .


Name: Bell
username: blank
password: blank

Name: Bell MMS
username: blank
password: blank

Arcsoft Settings

Server Name: Bell MMS
Port: 80
Server Address:
connect via: Bell MMS
Wap Version 2.0
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