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WiFi drops

I am using the free WiFi app on my Imagio and for the most part is works great. But from time to time it just quits working.

Sometimes I can keep a connection up for a full day without a single drop. And other times I get a connection and in seconds it drops and I have to restart the application. The real pain is that it may take six or more restarts to get it working again.

I have tried it all, rebooting the phone, remove the battery for a while. But nothing seems to solve the problem.

My phone has no mods done to it, just a few apps installed. I make sure that no other apps are running when I use the WiFi so interference isnt the problem.

Since this is my only connection to the Internet, I could really use some help making the WiFi app more reliable. All suggestions are welcome.

PS: I do not pay for tethering but when I did I had the same issues.
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