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[Solved]Override reg setting of a Package with another Package?

Basically I want to override the reg settings for a bunch of EXT Packages with my own settings. How do I add my own settings in? I mean what determines if my EXT reg gets applied first and then is overridden by another EXT program?

Lets say I have 2 EXT Packages Prog_A and Prog_B, they both modify
"blabla"=dword: xxxxxxx
Prog_A sets it to dword:00000001
Prog_A sets it to dword:00000002
I add my own EXT Pack called Fix_A and it set it to dword:00000000

who's settings will end up being applied last and end up after the install? I have settings for a lot of programs and changing the settings in each one will take a long long time.

Touch Pro 2
using osKitchen

Originally Posted by airxtreme
Right-click on the Fix_A package, click on Properties, Priority, Add and select the Prog_A / Prog_B packages in the package selection screen.

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