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Re: Wifi on Touch Pro Question

Originally Posted by Mswezey View Post
Hmm...that is very weird...

I want to say the router isn't actually broadcasting the b/g signals but you said you had other devices connected to it just fine....

Could the wireless N signal be interfering with your TP sniffing out the b/g signal?

Do you use the N signal? If not, just leave it at b/g broadcasting.

Yes, other devices connected to it just fine and my older winmo phones connected to it just fine with it broadcasting b/g/n. Just my TP isn't able to. It is weird.
I don't know if the N signal is interfering, but I wouldn't think so because my other old WM devices could connect just fine.
I'm using the b/g broadcasting signal now since its working fine for my TP. I wish I could still broadcast all three though. Thanks.
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