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Re: Can't Sync WMDC, States "Not Connected" HELP??

I've experienced the same thing on a number of occasions now. I've gone through every fix and quite often still no joy, uninsstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and scoured the registry for entries to delete.... etc. In the end I always end up hard-resetting my phone and then it works. It's obviously a pain to hard reset as you (a) need to make sure everything important is backed up and (b) you have to reinstall everything, but it will probably be much quicker in the long run than trying to work out what has gone wrong with WDMC.

One of the main problems is often if you don't consistently use the same USB port when you sync - something screws up in WDMC's profiles. So if hard-resetting gets it working, make sure you use the same usb from then on (and often best if it's one at the back of the computer rather than a front one).

Hope you sort out your problems - I know how annoying it is.


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