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*Solved*Adding Start Menu SoftKey(bottom left) To Titanium

So I've been trying to cook a custom ROM for the last couple of days and this is the one thing I haven't been able to figure out.

I really want the Start Menu softkey in the bottom left of my Touch Pro 2 screen while using Titanium. I know it's possible because RZ's Baseline Titanium ROM has it. I would use his but I don't like the rest of the ROM aesthetically. No matter what I include or exclude from the kitchen, I only get two soft keys right next to each on the bottom left. I've attached a screen shot below. Any helps is really, really appreciated. I've been on the computer trying to figure this out for 24 hours out of the last 5 days. Thanks.

Sprint's my provider, if that matters.


Got what I wanted by switching to OSKitchen and porting in a 24xxx build.
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