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Re: Anyone got iphone 4 pre-ordered today?

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
actually T-Mobile has much better customer satisfaction as far as reception goes than ATT. I live in a huge metro area, and I get awesome T-Mobile coverage, my HD2 is almost always getting HSDPA which sees Wimax speeds at times. ATT is like the worst network ever, dropped calls, capping data, way overpriced. I don't mind using Edge on the iPhone, at least my calls won't drop, and there are wifi hotspots like every block here lol.
Also, ATT customer service has been great because when I've gotten dropped calls and I get pissed off, I'd call them to complain, usually they give me 25$ off as a courtesy. Last month I had a cool CS lady and she gave me $75 off and last week they gave me $150 cause I threatened to quit. So as of right now, they own me money and I have a negative balance. They also told me in a couple of weeks a new tower is coming up thats close by. I guess you can say that the past few months they been paying me to stay on! And thats on top of my 25% corp discount!
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