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Re: Linux/Android on CDMA Touch Pro (RAPH800)

Originally Posted by makkonen View Post
On the subject of GPS -- bzo was in the irc channel today saying he had it working in the preliminary stages. No code added to the repo yet, and I think he said it was constantly reporting that he was traveling at 150mph, so it's not perfect, but there is movement.
I gave my patch to phh, so it should be up very soon. Look out for a new rootfs here:

It's only tested to work on my diam500, so test reports are welcome. Google Nav works beautifully for me though

Also of potential interest to you guys is my "turbo" mode patch. It overclocks the memory to give a little performance boost like newer devices like the TP2. It may cause some stability issues however. If you want to give it a try, get the latest kernel from:

and add acpuclock.force_turbo=1 to your startup.txt
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