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Swype Port Here! Most Preferred EVO KB *with expiration fix*

Similar posts has been seen vaguely in a couple of places, but they are all convoluted and should be deleted in light of this one. This is a hyper-confirmed version I have worked to get tested.

1. Go to settings, and select Applications.

2. Check the box to "allow installation of non-Market applications."

3. Download the attached file using the web browser of your choice, or download it to your PC and transfer it to your SD card.

4. Navigate to the previously downloaded file using a file explorer like EStrong File Explorer or ASTRO click it.

5. Click "Install" to install.

6. Go back to the settings menu and click "Language & Keyboard."

7. Check the box next to Swype. Accept the prompt that pops up.

8. Open up any text field (text message, quick search, address bar, etc), and long press on the field.

9. Select "Input Method" from the pop-up.

10. Select "Swype" from the choices.

I urge everyone to try this. It might look intimidating or complicated, but once you learn how to use it, you probably won't look back.
Swype, for those who don't know, is pretty much the best darn thing to happen to keyboards since T9 (In fact the man who created it co-founded T9). The world record touch-screen keyboard text was sent using it (link below). It's a keyboard that's uber-fast and allows you to quickly and efficiently dish out texts or email or whatever..

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