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Exclamation Easily put ANY CDMA ROM on Cricket!!!!!!!!

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MESS YOUR PHONE UP! If you mess these instructions up you shouldn't be flashing phones anyway. Go to ebay and buy one.

I do not take credit for creating any of these .cabs. One I know was made by RyanMogul and the other I'm not sure. I have personally tested these on the top 5 roms that are listed when you first come to the TP CDMA Upgrades forum.

Idiot PROOF Instructions

1: ) First flash the rom.

2: )Afterward HARD RESET.

3: )Next install the Remove Arcsoft and Picture Mail cab. Install to device. Push ok and DO NOT RESET THE PHONE!

4: )Next run the CRICKET WAP, MMS and Arcsoft 5_2_3_22 cab.

5: )After the install allow the phone to Reset by pushing ok.

6: )When the phone reboots it will ask you to enter your 10 digit DELETE THE 10 Digit number section ONLY and replace it with your 10 digit number.

7: )Next go down to password and type "cricket" without quotations and in lower case. Click the "remember password" check mark and tap ok.

8: )=D>That's it! Enjoy your Touch Pro on Cricket!

A little more complicated but HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Instead of a Hard Reset I recommend that you Task 29 your phone. For info on Task 29 please see


The one I use will be attached to this thread. I highly recommend Task 29 rather than a Hard Reset on the newer roms to avoid bugs. In this case...

1: ) Download the "task 29 with splash screen.rar" and run it as you normally would to flash a rom. This will erase your ENTIRE chip EXCEPT your radio.

2: ) Once it finishes it will be hung at the Touch Pro Boot screen

3: ) DO NOT PANIC NOOB!! Simply put the phone in bootloader and flash the rom of your choice.

4: ) Next follow the instructions above starting at step 3.

This method also works with the Mogul and MANY other HTC phones HOWEVER DO NOT USE THE SAME TASK 29 I have uploaded here! Please use the correct one. If you follow the Idiot proof instructions MINUS the task29 it SHOULD work on any phone.


And to frizzlefry for the GREAT write up.

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