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Re: How can I stop downloading undelivered e-mails during Sync.

Originally Posted by Laos101 View Post
which mail service?
I'm not quite sure what you mean but just to reply, I have my TP2 set to contact my standard POP server that I get all my e-mails from.

I don't have any other accounts or mail services such as Yahoo or Google.

Also btw I do not use Outlook as my e-mail client on my PC so I do not have a account for that set up on my PC.

Hopefully that is what you were asking.

Basically I am assuming that somehow during the sync, it is using my PC's internet connection to contact my mail server directly and downloads an mail that is there that is not marked "read" by it and then downloads it, again while still leaving a copy on the server thankfully.

I guess what I really need it to do is stop doing this every time it Sync's which I would have thought it wouldn't do if you don't have the mail as a option for something for the sync to check but apparently that either doesn't work that way even though you don't check it, or something is wrong.

Thanks again to any one for any help as with this being posted for several days now and no response, this seems to be a puzzler.
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