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Re: text message in Japan, Korea and China

they've supported texting in south korea since may 24th, 2010. i received a text message from sprint telling me it's $.50/outgoing and $.05/incoming message. recent change so i'm guessing that japan and china also support sms now. i text friends in the us, china and korea all the time with my touch pro 2 here in seoul. it works great now. i've called sprint international requesting an unlimited international texting plan as an add on to my unlimited international data account.

Voice Pricing: $2.29/minute
Special Voice Pricing: $1.99/min. with plan
Data Pricing: $0.016/KB
Special Data Pricing: 1x Data: $0.002/KB
Text Pricing: Send: $0.50/recipient; Recv'd: $0.05/msg
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