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How can I stop downloading undelivered e-mails during Sync.

Hello all

I am trying to figure out how to stop my TP2 with the org ver of 6.1 from downloading undelivered e-mails from my e-mail server upon a sync.

I have both on my PC and TP2 set to only Sync the contacts and calendar. And I have made sure there are no extra accounts on either.

As well to mention this is happening with Active Sync on a XP system and Windows Mobile Device Center on a Win7 Utl 64 system that both of which are freshly build machines.

Thankfully as I have the account on my TP2 set to leave the messages on the sever, I do not loose any mail from my main PC's but its quite annoying to have to go into my inbox every time I do a sync if I have not yet been able to check my mail via my PC and delete all the e-mails from the TP2.

Plus if I don't have the mail box checked, this shouldn't be happen correct?

So if anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful.

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