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Re: How To Root With Official 2.1 Installed

Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
I was wondering how do I install rooted 2.1 with the official 2.1 installed already on my device?
Steps I'd take coming straight from an official 2.1

1. Install one of the custom recoveries (from SDX) on your phone through the old SW Updater or patched new SW Updater. Put the recovery TAR in the Binary folder and remove any other files in there. Flash it the same way you did the official 2.1

2. Use Joey's ROM builder ( to create an - pick the options you want and like and put the zip file onto your sdcard.

3. Download the stock theme template zip onto your sdcard as well (if you're applying a theme, you'll want to load this first)

4. Boot into recovery (vol down + call + end), clear davlik cache (under data), and apply zip from sdcard the stock theme template. Reboot your phone and let it load up - it'll stay on the boot animation for a little longer as your davlik is getting rebuilt. (if you're not applying a theme, then you can skip to 5)

5. Boot into recovery and apply zip from sdcard and choose the created (from the ROM builder)

6. Reboot and voila, you should be there.

Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
Also what will i lose/gain with dropping the official 2.1

Will I still be able to install my same apps i have some .apk's that i would like to keep ringo pro etc....

Will I still be able to install things from the market I believe I read somewhere that you lose the ability to install certain things from the market.

Last thing would be which is the best rom also i read something about a kernel so also which one should i install for that also.
Won't lose much - will gain much more control over your phone - the ability to remove some of the bloatware and to install custom themes and such. also, the battery code has been revised, so it lasts longer.

After you have the official 2.1 on your phone, installing a kernel / ROM will not remove your apps... but backup your apps (using ASTRO (free) or APPMonster (free)) always just in case.

Yes, market works - there were issues with the 'leaked' 2.1 because it wasn't added to the market to be recognized, but it works.

ROMs - it's up to you - joey's are nice but don't have netfilters if you want to wifi tether (use your phone as a wifi hub) - but will work with barnacle wifi tether (which don't use netfilters). i'd start with his.

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