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Re: PPCGeeks meeting other "Geeks" in lines...

Originally Posted by Yibrushn View Post
I wonder what the correlation between winmo and gun ownership is?? seems like all of you guys are carrying!
*shrug* been carrying for about 35 years (and I'm only 40! *L*), exmilitary, done all types of security (bouncer, surveilance, band security, personal security, store security, L.E.-lite (rent-a-cop *L*)), it's a habit. *L*

Originally Posted by p-slim View Post
its funny everyone talking about packing , do you guys think its that serious? if someone wanted to rob me for my evo i wouldn't even put up a fight, i would give it to him, walk back in, cut in front of everyone and buy another one, lol. Sprint stores arent taking pre orders so its not like they would be giving someone's away.
must be nice to have that kind of money. giving up encourages that type of behaviour. fighting back and standing up for yourself, even if you lose, helps discourage that behaviour.
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