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Re: Evo 4g skip

Originally Posted by Sim-X View Post
Well perfect, you keep your crappy WM operating system and I will get the evo. The only thing I'm gonna miss is the TP2 keyboard. WM is an awful OS and everyone knows it. Why do you this M$ scrapped it and started over.

Sprint is investing millions of dollars in 4G, a $10 premium I don't think is all that bad.

I suppose you think DirecTV should hand out High Def for the same price as standard def. You go ahead and keep your standard def tv as well.

Obviously something bigger and better will come along. It always does. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Look how well the iphone does and at&t screws everyone on the iphone plan. AT&T knows people want the iphone and they also know they can get away with charging more for it.
How can you say WM OS is junk when it paved the way for these other OS's. Is Windows for your computer junk to because guess what they keep revamping that. I find that people that seem to have all this trouble with windows phones generally just dont know how to work them. Sure you can turn it on and make a phone call but that does not mean you know how to work the phone. Hopefully, they didnt dumb down android so people 'could all be like this OS is way superior because like I never have any um issues with it'. And isnt the Android 2.x OS a completely new OS as in they scrapped the old OS to make it. My point is OS's get changed, scraped and revamped all the time. People are always going to come up with better ways to do things and thus things change.

Also I thought 4G was cheaper to run or operate then 3G, I know I read that somewhere. Not sure if thats fact or what but I swear I read something about 4G generally being cheaper for Sprint. Plus as I stated before, Dont expect this $10 fee to go away, all 4G phones will be getting this add on. Consider it a luxury Tax that will soon be converted into a now our data cost $25 once 3G gets phased out. I bet someone release with Sprints still cheaper lol. < that isnít the point. Times change price go up. Sprints people are business people they know what they are doing. You have to think about the future and not just the now. Thinking about just the now is what gets people in trouble.

I cant understand some of the people on here. I failed to finish college because of financial issues. I didnt come up in a house hold that taught me how important college was and because of this going to college was very challenging for me and then paying for college was even harder. My point is my level of education is probably far less than most on this forum and yet a lot of you seem to be dumber then bricks. EXCEPT, EXCEPT, EXCEPT, is all I read from some of you. Either you are millionaires or just flat out bricks. Bricks because youíre stupid or a brick because you lay down so easily and take it. I am not fighting against anyone on this freaking forum. I am simply stating facts to help fight for people on this forum. And yet some of you still make post that insist we should all just lay down and take it just like you are going to do. Well if you and the majority take it, it becomes accepted as acceptable and then we all have to take it soon or later. So I am simply trying to motivate people into prolonging this extra fee.
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