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Re: Text Message Notification Program / Widget??

From SDX an app called keylights, install using appmonster or astro file manager.

Attached is the app I have been working on for a little while. I plan on fixing a few bugs and then cleaning up the code and releasing the source. This is just a preview that I verified works with 2.1 (also 1.5 for the time being).
This needs root and I only tested with joey's v5.

I used some of the ideas from the previous capacitive lights thread as well as some ideas from a similar app I found on PPCGeeks.

For now, the only thing the lights blink for is SMS messages and they will only blink if the screen is off when the message arrives. Turning the screen on for any reason with make then stop blinking. The flash interval and flash length (length the lights stay on) can be adjusted as well as whether or not it vibrates. Another main thing to save battery life is I have a timeout of 1 hour (which can be adjusted) so the lights wont be flashing all night draining the battery.

Speaking of battery life, I am not using wake locks to keep the phone awake. I am using an alarm reminder so the phone will be allowed to sleep in between the flashing interval. I have tested this informally with SpareParts and it keeps the phone awake a lot less than other approaches I have seen.

I don't think I have the prefs saved upon reboots, so you may need to change them each time you reboot or they will reset to the defaults.


Version 0.1:
Disable button added.
Settings persisted across reboots.
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File Type: apk KeyLights-0.1.apk (16.2 KB, 12 views) Click for barcode!

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