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getting new phone...

so i was wondering since i went and asked the TP2 users about the TP2, i figured i would come ask you guys what the moment was like. I am looking at buying either the TP2 or the Moment. Only reason i haven't made a decision is because i am paying full price for the phone and dont want to make a mistake in purchasing a phone i do not like. I was wondering how customizable the moment is. Like can i download or get an emulator on the moment for old school NES or SNES games? or is there and app i can get to play them? I owned a TP1 and had too much trouble with it and love my brothers moto droid and was wondering if the moment was somewhat similar? I am really torn as to which phone i should get. Does this phone do everyday tasks easily like web browsing, email, MMS/SMS without being slow as shit? I want to be able to browse the web without being limited as to where i can go or what i can do. And if the apps are anything like the droid then i know i will really enjoy that. I want to hear from experienced users what this phone can and cannot do cause we all know sprint sales only wants you to buy a new phone and most of them dont know jack about the phone or what its capable of.
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