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Re: soon to be moment owner

Originally Posted by tom6433 View Post
the only reason i started flashing the TP was because it was slow and painful to use. then wm6.5 came out so i wanted to try it out, and i guess that is how it all started. then android became available for use on the TP so i tried it out, and loved it. it seems basic and very customizable right out of the box. for all of the TP's faults i still liked the phone and would still be using it if the hardware keyboard wouldn't have died and it would go longer than 4 hours w/o having to be charged.

so we will see how long i can fight off the urge to root. glad to hear it is not a necessity.
Dude, the fact that you knew about wm6.5 pre-release and android on the TP means to me that you will be on a one way trip to customizing the darn thing. It's not a bad thing, man I am right there with you. It just means that you have what I would call a "real" hunger for technology. Some may call us nerds, others geeks, but when those people have computer problems who do they call!!!

Nice to meet you... Actually just the fact that you are in a forum talking about this was the initial indicator. I've been able to resist rooting for about 2 months. The urge is calling, I want to know more about this phone and make sure that I am getting the most from my hardware. I have a feeling you think much the same way...

But maybe I am off LOL
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