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Re: soon to be moment owner

Originally Posted by tom6433 View Post
the only reason i started flashing the TP was because it was slow and painful to use. then wm6.5 came out so i wanted to try it out, and i guess that is how it all started. then android became available for use on the TP so i tried it out, and loved it. it seems basic and very customizable right out of the box. for all of the TP's faults i still liked the phone and would still be using it if the hardware keyboard wouldn't have died and it would go longer than 4 hours w/o having to be charged.

so we will see how long i can fight off the urge to root. glad to hear it is not a necessity.
I've been doing some research on how to root and found this:

Easy way to root. Only reason why you would need to root is to remove stock apps but this website allows you to do it without rooting:

I just created a .zip file to remove stock apps without rooting and it worked. It backs up all the apps to your storage card so if you ever need to reinstall, you can. I also added a new boot screen and boot animation.

The guys at SDX are all genius!
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