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Re: Evo 4g skip

In responces to brokestudent12 I didnt want to quote his hole post it was rather long considering it had my Original post in it. I bet he likes my red text too.

Lol rip on my other post now. You got to be kidding me, your basicly saying the EVO is something you need. Or I am assuming considering your ripping on me for saying its something I dont need but want but also want to complain about a little, so in assumption you need it. Basicly I dont need it but want it, you need it and are getting it. You are excepting way to much. Thats like going to jail and excepting to get ass raped. So Sprint is ass raping you. Im gonna fight, thats my choice and I wish others chose that choice as well. I personaly believe if it not for people like me. The law would be the only thing to keep pricing from going way up . Have a coke and smile.. or have a coke alternative that taste just as great and smile and be a few cents richer lol. Unless its Mt dew theres pretty much no cheap alternative to that. Damn you Pepsi!!!
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