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Re: getting live wallpapers + 3d gallery on samsung moment

Originally Posted by vabronxboogie View Post
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im sorry but im a i download recovery 3.0 on the market and what do u mean the root of my sd card...can u explain for us who dont know abt recovery and stuff?
Recovery 3.0 is not available on the's a zip file that you can either add to the SD card and apply or via the Samsung root of the sd card is very simple....plug your phone into your computer and mount the sd card like normal...then open your sd card folder once you are prompted on your just place (insert file an apk or recovery zip file) into the sd card...that's the root of the card...if you are adding an apk file then I suggest you create a apk folder first and drop it in there so when you use a file explorer to open it then it's easy to find..hope this helps a little.
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