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Re: Evo 4g skip

Originally Posted by boredandtattooed View Post
i totally scanned this... but just to chime in on the video call thing.. I for 1 wont be able to make video calls because theres no 4G network yet in Michigan... but people in the markets who do have 4G will be able to video call anyone with an EVO on a 4G network and anyone on any GSM carrier that has a forward facing camera as well..

GSM supports simultanious voice and data already.. no need for 4G.. theyve been vid calling for awhile now.. even just the TP1s, GSM models had a forward facing cam didnt they? sprints and verizons, no go..

so they can call alot of people realistically..... skype and qik(qiks not calls) both work on a tp2 already so those options, qik specifically mentioned for EVO like its something new lol, really play no important factor on ability- not that OP brought those up LOL
If im not mistaken didnt they say u can do the video calls on 3g as well?
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