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Evo 4g skip

This is easily the best phone Sprint has to offer but they are making it fairly easy to be a phone that gets skipped. Figure this, your not going to be video calling everyone becuase your one of the few that got one of the first video capable cell phones, yeah so much for that idea. Guess users on this forum will have to call each other to have some fun lol. On top of all this I dont intend to use this phone for its great internetablilitylikegodness that will suck. I hardly get on my TP2 for the internet phone plus internet equals WTF am I wasting time for. I use my phone and the net for email, picture mail, radio and random questions I need answered. On top of all of this, Android is a brave new world thats growing like wild-fire with tons of apps. But us windows users are use to our apps/cabs being free. So brave new world thats going to cost us more it is for sure. Plus on top of all this in order to be freaking cool you better whip out another $120 a year for this phone... which leads to the next point. Lol like anyone will have this phone that long the next and best phone is right around the freaking corner im sure. But guess what that phone will also be an extra $10 a month or maybe not maybe it will be and extra $20.

Sprints logic is all wrong here. They could easily steel a huge portion of the market and start a steady climb to the top with this phone but instead they choose to steal some and loose just as many. You figure the t-mobile phone doesnt have a front facing camera or a few other features like 4g but realisticly you wont be making many video calls if any for some of us. On top of this you get a nice screen with the t-mobile phone, also I dont use much internet so whats holding me back from makign the switch. Probably the crapy cell reseption t-mobile has. So yes Sprint is still a good deal, cheap and reliable.

However, Sprints good deal is no reason to allow them to throw us a curve ball and charge extra for crap reasons. They are not allowed to walk all over us, we are the consumer and they are the seller. In this world with all our choices we have the right as the seller to fight back and make our own rules or go somewhere else. So fight back!

When I attempt to order the Evo if they cant meet with my demands I intend and I will fight hard to get the best deal I can but if we cant come to some sort of agreement then Ill be sticking with my TP2 that seems to get the job done just fine. I like the UI on the Evo far better and thats pretty much the only reason I want to make the switch. My TP2 isnt flashed but its got some mods and its plenty reliable. I could use a little more volume in the ear peice but fing HTC doesnt seem to get the point on that, at least not since the Mogul.

TP2 gets the job done but its a super sized TP1 that cost way more then 49 cents lol. And even though my TP2 works just fine HTC always seems to disapoint me somehow.

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