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Re: Sorry, I am moving.

Originally Posted by heydr View Post
not to flame but...

i dont really understand why people post these "goodbye" threads.

i mean, if you are getting a new phone, thats great but it isnt really relevant here. i get it when really active members post that they are giving up the device but idk.
I'm sure most post "goodbye thread"s for a couple of reasons.

Mine would be......

1. To let people know my overall impression of the phone and why I might have finally had enough. That is their opinion and it IS relavant of a forum that discusses the merits of a phone as well as other subjects.

2. Nothing wrong with saying goodbye to people you have talked to and been social with for a period of time. Many might have helped you.

Yeah, some might be A__holes, but some are genuine. Maybe they don't have anything else better to do. Kind of like both of our opinions!
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