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Re: network keeps being disconnected while browsing

I had the same problem. It started about a month ago and I tried a number of things to fix it. Nothing worked. About three weeks ago I went to the VZW website to get a phone number to contact them about replacement under my warranty. That's when I saw the Incredible being advertised.

I talked to someone there who told that they had to do surveys of the towers in my area etc. and that it would take 3 to 5 days and then someone would get back to me with a solution (they would fix the towers or they would replace the phone).

After two more weeks and not hearing I called again. This time they apologized for no return call and sent out a replacement. The replacement came on Wednesday and turning on a stock WinMo phone was more than I could handle. I went in and bought the Incredible.

About the only thing you can try is a hard reset and if that doesn't work then its time for repair or replacement.

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