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Re: Must Have Apps for Andriod on the Incredilbe

Originally Posted by NCX Designs View Post
if Nationwide was really "on your side" they would have released one ages ago

I used to be with them, they booted me after my first accident, been with Progressive ever since and its much much cheaper, and i just found an app for Progressive in the marketplace, i'm even more happy now lol :P

the Keyring app i didn't really try yet, but i plan to when i go grocery shopping next time but if my experience using barcode scanners are work has any evidence, you have to pull away slowly or move closer vice versa to make it scan, i even had to do that when i tried to get the keyring/barcode scanner app to scan my card barcode, but when it did, i was delighted to have it work, unlike the windows mobile apps that make you take a picture first then use a cropping box to find the barcode (lame!)

I'm lovin, lovin, lovin, my Droid!
LOL @ the Nationwide joke, but you're right though! I think the iPhone has a Nationwide app though if I'm not mistaken, but thanks for the KeyRing tip, thanks given

Originally Posted by jbh00jh View Post
ANTIVIRUS- Depends on what websites (Facebook , etc.) you browse on and what you download. You have to remember that your Incredible is a computer that you talk on. Computers get viruses , can't hurt to have it , not like you are hurting for space . haha
Yeah sometimes I forget that Android is a OS that as sensitive as Windows, and I only have a Hero so yeah I am hurting for space lol, well I was but now I'm using apps2sd. Curious though, how much usable memory is on the Incredible?
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