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Re: Gorilla Glass DOES Scratch... But I Know How To Repair it.

Originally Posted by ambridge78 View Post
I just got my Droid a few days ago and the screen is scratched. I came across the this message board while looking for an soulation. And now I have a question. The product that you used 3m 05930 has been replaced. It's replacement is 3m 06070. I have included a link to the product below. I want to know if you thought that the replacement product would work just as well as the original that you suggested.[PHP][/PH
It should be the same product, as long as it is a glaze and not a rubbing/cutting compound. If it was replaced, it should serve the same purpose and be similar in qualities. Just remember, this will get light scratches out well (one's you can't feel with your nail), if you try to get a deep one out, I would imagine it would distort the glass. Good luck.
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