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Re: **Most Popular/Wanted Iphone Apps**

hello great app is jibbigo - type or say in english and it says it in another language.
redlaser - scan barcode on product or merchandise and it shows better prices elsewhere.

opera mini - is really great alternative web browser which is very fast, much faster than safari in my opinion

card counter - for those black jack players. teaches you how to count cards.

flash photo - i really love this app because since iphone doesnt have flash on camera it takes picture and automatically brightens it.

gps drive - another fantastic app which its gps does a turn by turn with voice.

i enjoy family feud game. lots of fun.

scanner 911 - police, firefighter and emt live scanner.

voice alarm - speaks for itself

facecall - click on picture instead of name by the way picture almost takes up whole screen which for me is good. more coming soon. if i was any help click thanx
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