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Re: so you want wifi tethering with 2.1 heres how

Today, multiple forums have had someone on them saying this works. Yet no one has offered any details or proof of it. I've been working on it along with barnacle's creator and some other kind souls for more than a week. If anyone can get it to work on the Moment with 2.1, I'd love to hear details. Detailed details.

Please note the depths we've gone to in order to get it to work. Down to recompiling wpa_supplicant and manually setting up networking, and also hacking in a tun.ko from the spica to see if we can get OpenVPN to traverse the link. The Moment is able to send, but not receive data using barnacle. That's why you associate, but get nothing.

One more edit: Part of v6/7 root was one of my attempts to get it going, as well as improve root access.

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