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Re: Zune can't see Wi-Fi on Imagio

Originally Posted by fluidj View Post
What are the chances that Zune Pass compatibility will ever make it onto WM 6.5 Devices?
Or should I just bank on chucking this Imagio for a Win 7 phone in the fall? I kinda hate that I went for the Imagio now that I know how awesome the Win 7 device is supposed to be. But my primary attraction to it is the Zune integration as i'm a huge Zune & Zune Pass fan.
Ditto on being a fan of Zune Pass, best 15 a month I ever spent. Unfortunately no, but I plan on getting a WP7 device this fall to replace my Imagio, and if you want to do what you say you do, you'll probably want to do the same if the budget allows for it.
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