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Re: battery life

Under heavy use I can get more than a full day out of it. It really depends on one thing. What is coverage like in your area. When I first got my moment I was concerned because it would die towards the end of my work day. But it turns out It mostly had to do with the poor coverage in my office (basement). I installed a Zboost in my office and now my phone barely uses power throughout the day. I can make lots of phone calls and data use and usually have about half the battery left at the end of the day (around 11pm). Then I charge it up each night and go again the next day. That is with android 1.6 when 2.1 is released it is supposed to have even better battery life (this is unconfirmed) but everything I saw says it is supposed to be better. Oh and if you have not seen the news, android 2.1 is coming to the moment the first week of May.

so far this thing blows away my Touch Pro in every aspect except one. Windows Mobile was way better at syncing data with my PC. Android does a good job at syncing with google online to backup contacts and calendar but I am a big outlook user. And to me that is the one major flaw of android so far. Everything else has been great. The app support is just awesome.
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