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in the mean time...

So what are your reasons for choosing the incredible? were you going to wait for the nexus one before this was announced? still don't know which one you want?

initially i was going to wait for the n1, actually i sold my tp2 so that i could get it, but that was months ago and still no word on the n1 officially. then the incredible rolls around and gets a solid release date...and now i am here. i have decided to go with the incredible for the following reasons

price - most likely the n1 won't be subsidized on a family plan (at least going off of the t mobile subsidized info) so the incredible will be less than half the price of the n1 (at least in terms of what i have to pay to get it). for the same/better specs its an easy choice in my books

8gb on board - i really didn't think this rumor would come true. so glad it did. the one thing i didn't like about the n1 was it only had the 512mb rom. the extra 8gb on top of that will help with all the apps

service in store - i would hate to have to mail my phone off and deal with google if i had an issue. it will be a relief knowing i can drive down the street and get a replacement if something bad happened. also i plan on getting asurion as always, not sure if i could with the n1

aesthetics - this is win/lose for me. i love the color scheme, always wished my tp2 were black and red, but i really don't like the back cover. but how often will i be staring at any part of it but the screen? probably never, so i'll let that slide

slimness - i thought about going for the droid a couple months back, but after having such a big screen with the tp2 i realized that really made the on screen keyboard usable, haha. so i really wanted a powerful phone with out a physical keyboard, tadah incredible!

sense ui - i actually enjoy sense ui on android. and if i ever get sick of it, well i'll probably root at some point...

so, now its your turn. lets hear your opinions on the incredible
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